Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chicken Dump Alfredo Recipie

This morning went well. I used up the last of the pancake mix (thankfully doesn't call for milk) and managed to squeeze 2 1/2 (big) waffles out of it. One the girls split for breakfast and I had a 1/2. I saved the other one for tomorrow's breakfast for the girls. No need to be in the dumps about this.

Apple juice. Waffles. Oatmeal.

Snack- I packed big girl some of the grapes and some craisins. Also one of the chip bags. It's a lot, but she has a big day. She will bring home left-overs, likely.

Lunch- hot dogs, most likely.

Dinner- This is crock pot Chicken Dump Alfredo:

Chicken strips (these were on top) went in this morning. At noon, I'll add
At noon:
Chopped sauted celery
broccoli leftovers from fridge
broth (I'm going to have to use bullion and water as I'm out of actual broth)
At three:
Ragu Alfredo sauce (this was a freebie)

You can dump this all at once, but just leave out the spaghetti and microwave and mix just before serving. Otherwise the noodles will disappear from overcooking and break down.

Forget to put it in? Throw the whole mess in your pressure cooker for 20 - 25 minutes.

We followed these up with these for a little "eat your dinner" motivation. Honest, the chicken is very good-- it just deosn't pass the no foods touching test.

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