Monday, July 9, 2007

Wash Your Crocs in the Washing Machine

Money saving tip for today - Did you know you can put Crocs through the washing machine? You can! This will prevent your kiddos from needing a new pair before they are outgrown.

I washed a pair yesterday, and they came out looking brand new! (Tip-- take any Jibitz out first.)

Do not put Crocs in the dryer!

Here's a bonus $ tip isn't for everyone.... POTTY TRAIN!
I have one who has been less than willing, but we went after it over the last two weeks. By going ahead and being consistent and persistent with training, we can now save $20/week by not buying diapers!


designsbymichelle said...

ummmm.... at the risk of sounding silly I have to ask. What are crocks?

Also nice blogg. I'm enjoying reading it.

Mary K said...

Michelle-- thanks for stopping by! Crocs are summer shoes that my children just can't seem to live without. Jibitz are plastic decorations that go in the holes. You can see them here:

Erin said...

And just a FYI to washing your Crocs in the washer, DO NOT stick them in the dryer. I wouldn't, but apparently some people have and learned the hard way.

Also, don't leave them in the back of your car in the sun on a 100+ degree day. Very bad for crocs....

designsbymichelle said...

oh! I've seen those, but I didn't know what they were called.